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Narts Dance Ensemble

Amin Samkough School


Executive Board


Reslan Youghar

Vice President

Andrew Norouz


Marj Samkough

Recording Secretary

Ladwina Isaac

Board Member

Janet Kaghado

Board Member

Iman Osman

Board Member

Faisal Ahmad


Marina Kaghado

Board Member

Janti Cray

Standing Committees

Youth Committee

Alan Kadkoy

Humanitarian Aid

Sawson Osman


Amjed Mohammad

Dance Committee

Janet Kaghado

Sports Committee

Faisal Ahmad

The CBA is Looking For Volunteers

Help out Your Community and Volunteer Your Time

The CBA is working to implement an online Membership Program and would like to verify it has the most up to date information for its current members, Please Complete and submit the following form to update your information.

This Online Membership program will allow members to access information about the CBA Via its Member portal, and allow for members to pay their dues online. 

Contact Info

  • (973)790-8979
  • info@cbaamerica.org
  • https://cbaamerica.org
  • 383 Oldham Road,
    Wayne, NJ 07470