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We are a folk dance group featuring over 100 dancers whose ancestors hail from the legendary lands of the Northern Caucasus of present-day Russia. Known as Circassians, we continue to enrich our souls and others with our elegant and unique culture that dates back over 2000 years through the art of dance and music.

Dancers in colorful and traditional costumes captivate and inspire the audience by combining music and dance into one; with all dancers performing breathtaking dances to energetic music each with its own meaning and story. Watch as the female dancers gracefully flow across the stage and harmonize with the male dancers in creating beautiful formations that reflect a calligraphic and precise synchronization. This is truly a rare glimpse into one of the oldest and most beautiful cultures that the world has ever seen.

The Narts Dance Ensemble is comprised of a group of young Circassians with an everlasting passion for their vibrant culture and spirited dance. The Circassians originate from an ancient nation, which is rooted in the North Caucasus in present-day Russian Federation. Circassians have incessantly fostered a sense of union and national identity. A desire to keep their precious culture alive is within all of their hearts even until today.