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The Circassian Benevolent Association is home to the Amin Samkough School.  The School strives to strengthen moderate Islamic and Circassian values that are consistent with the beliefs of our ancestors and the values of American society.

The School’s mission is to provide a fun and interactive learning environment where students can connect with their religious and cultural heritage and make friends with fellow Circassian children.  The School’s program consists of both religious and secular instruction.  Students ranging from about 5 – 15 years of age gather every Sundays during the regular school year from 10 AM – 2 PM.  Religion is taught in the morning sessions, while Circassian language, culture and history are taught in the afternoon.

The School is led by a small administrative team, and classes are managed by about a dozen teachers and assistants.  Facilities can serve about 60 – 80 students, and the School typically fills all available positions each academic school year.

In addition to our Sunday meeting time, certain religious and language programs meet more frequently, so as to ensure students are able to absorb and retain their teachings.  The School is host to a range of ancillary teaching programs in the fields of religion and Circassian language available to teens and adults.