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The Circassian Benevolent Association (CBA) was established on June 19, 1952. As laid out in our organization’s Constitution, the CBA was established in order to:

“… study and foster all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Circassians in America in the religious, social, cultural, creative, athletic, and benevolent fields, and to strengthen the cooperative ties among the Circassians wherever they may be to preserve and nurture the Circassian heritage.”

Today, our organization serves a local community estimated at about 5,000. Our volunteer organization proudly manages a community campus located at 383 Oldham Road in the Township of Wayne in the State of New Jersey.

Our current facilities house a secular community center; Islamic studies center, mosque and funeral service facility; Circassian cafeteria; banquet hall, Circassian ethnic dance center, and; community Sunday School that teaches both religious (Islamic) and secular (Circassian language and culture) topics.

Our cultural facilities are available exclusively to CBA members and their guests. Our mosque is open to all Muslims.

Our organization is lead by the following three governing bodies:

  • Executive Board
  • Permanent Council
  • Auditing Committee

Our Executive Board is lead by our President and his or her First and Second Vice Presidents; all three are voted into office by our General Membership. Other members of the Executive Board are nominated by the President and approved by the Permanent Council. The Executive Board is responsible for all day-to-day operations of our organization.

The Permanent Council is appointed by the Executive Board and ratified by the General Membership. It exists to provide general oversight of the Executive Board and to manage the long-term assets of the CBA.

The CBA Auditing Committee is comprised of three individuals who are voted into office by the general membership. The Auditing Committee’s job is to ensure that all operational and financial matters of the CBA are managed ethically and transparently.

Our General Membership is comprised of Circassians across the United States and in several countries abroad—though the vast majority of our members reside in the New Jersey metro region. Our community includes a diverse spectrum that is broadly representative of the general American population. We live and work in a variety of positions including professional; educational; civil service, and; law enforcement—among many other fields.