“…study and foster all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Circassians in America… and to strengthen the cooperative ties among the Circassians wherever they may be to preserve and nurture the Circassian heritage.”


We envision a world where Circassian culture is widely recognized and celebrated, and where our community members are empowered to thrive in a multicultural society. Our aim is to build bridges of understanding and cooperation, ensuring that the unique traditions and values of the Circassian people continue to enrich our diverse world.


  • Cultural Preservation

    To safeguard and share the Circassian culture, language, and traditions through various educational and cultural programs.

  • Community Engagement

    To strengthen the Circassian community by organizing events, support groups, and initiatives that foster unity and mutual support.

  • Outreach and Education

    To educate the wider public about Circassian history and culture, promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue.

  • Youth Empowerment

    To invest in the younger generation, providing them with opportunities to learn, participate, and lead within the community.


Executive Board

  • Hakan Cinaz President 2023-2024
  • Manaf Stas Vice President 2023-2024
  • Berrin Altan Treasurer / Executive Board Member
  • Murad Quandour Corresponding Secretary / Executive Board Member
  • Dana Wojokh Recording Secretary / Executive Board Member
  • Danyal Bachok Executive Board Member
  • Linda Barsik Executive Board Member
  • Amjad Mohammad Executive Board Member
  • Tambi Tamrok Executive Board Member
  • Zarema Helmi Executive Board Member
  • Kamar Tsay Executive Board Member
  • Janit Ghougal Executive Board Member
  • Hamid Shublak Imam / Executive Board Member

Permanent Council

  • Zack Barsik Permanent Council Chairperson
  • Nazir Afamougat Permanent Council Vice-Chairperson
  • Abdin Karden Permanent Council Member
  • Suha Kurmanov Permanent Council Member
  • Anees Norouz Permanent Council Member
  • Faik Askin Permanent Council Member
  • Nour Adris Permanent Council Member
  • Harun Ates Permanent Council Member
  • Aymen Ghokeh Permanent Council Member

Audit Committee

  • Amir Issa Audit Committee 2023-2024
  • Jan Bachok Audit Committee 2023-2024
  • Moaied Betamour Audit Committee 2023-2024