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Narts Dance Ensemble

The Narts Dance Ensemble (NDE) is a Circassian, Adygha dance troupe located in Wayne, New Jersey sponsored by The Circassian Benevolent Association. It is the only performing Circassian dance ensemble located in the United States. Also known as the Cherkes, the ensemble consists of 150+ kids from ages about 5-28 years old! Our goal is to demonstrate the arts and traditions of our homeland and flourish Adigha culture through dance and music.


Amin Samkough Sunday School

The Amin Samkough Sunday School is a non-profit religious and cultural school run every Sunday. Students will learn about the ideals of Islam as well as Circassian History and Laguage.


Board of Directors

Qasbeck Kaghado


Yanal Merza

Vice President & Treasurer

Harun Ates

Board Member

Janbolat Abaza

Board Member

Janet Kaghado

Board Member

Marina Kaghado

Board Member

Sonia Kush

Board Member

Tambi Stas

Board Member


Lena Khumush

Council Chair

Jawad Wunej

Council Vice Chair

Abdin Karden

Council Member

Ilker Sezen

Council Member

Marj Samkough

Council Member

Nawras Said

Council Member

Rosa Janbourah

Council Member

Tamer Mamkej

Council Member

Auditing Committee

Jan Bachok

Audit Member

Sawsan Osman

Audit Member

Hassan Tarek

Audit Member

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